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The Indian Red Cross Society, U.T. Branch – I.R.C.S., Chandigarh is to provide succour to people in distress for decades and continues to uphold the cause of good health for all through its activities. The I.R.C.S.’s national headquarter at New Delhi selects a suitable theme for its calendar of events each year, Usually, this transforms into a national programme to improve health and health-related practices. This year’s theme indicates inclusiveness and is “Everywhere for Everyone”.

We are thankful to the residents of Chandigarh who have made liberal contributions to the I.R.C.S. both in cash and in kind. It is through these contributions that the I.R.C.S., Chandigarh has started a free service for terminally ill cancer patients in the form of the Chandigarh Hospice and Palliative Care Service and a Health Assistants Training Programme in Sector 43, Chandigarh. Apart from this, the Society provides 24x7 ambulance and funeral van services, a ‘Raen Basera’ a night shelter for the homeless, a stitching & tailoring course for poor women students, a first aid & home nurse training programme, a Sahayata Project and aid to the needy in cash and kind.

The I.R.C.S, Chandigarh is planning to initiate various activities this year, which include centralized Grievance Redressal Call Center in sector 19 B, Kalam Express for providing education to Children with Special Needs at doorsteps and a home for mentally and physically challenged people in Halo Majra. We are also planning to start a Geriatrics Care Center. I take this opportunity to request you to support these activities by donating generously toward the cause that they represent. These donations will have income-tax exemption, as the society is registered under section 80(G) of IT Act.

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